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ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. Stock (US: NYSE)

ZIM Integrated Shipping Service is an Israeli based global shipping company that may emerge as one of the big players to solve the global supply chain problem.

The stock has been battered because they have not been able to show any top line earnings growth, a death knell for any stock. But dig a little deeper and another story may emerge.

They are in a low margin business, but they have shown they are a world class service provider with many loyal customers and they do turn a profit and have a clean balance sheet.

There is going to be plenty of work for them for the foreseeable future with the global shipping container backlog, that will give them opportunities to grow. The pandemic makes looking at almost all shipping data suspect. No one knows exactly what the biggest issues are, and all of the data is murky at best.

The fact is this is a good, profitable company with a good balance sheet and solid business plan.

This is a very tricky stock to analyze, and another example of one you cannot understand just by looking at financials. It has been beaten up and almost cut in half the past few weeks. Depending on your time frame and risk level, easing into this stock now may pay off big. We live in a globalized world and will continue to rely on companies like ZIM.

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