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Entrepreneur vs Employee

One way or another, you have to work. You can work for yourself or work for someone else.

There are perks to being an employee and working for someone else. It’s a lot easier and you have a steady paycheck coming in.

There are drawbacks to working for yourself as well. It's hard, sometimes you have to go without a paycheck even after grinding all week.

One isn’t even necessarily better than the other. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has spent his entire career as an employee, as has NFL great Tom Brady.

Ultimately, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to earn an unlimited income and have a lifestyle that most employees just cannot ever have. Which do you want to be?

Even if life responsibilities such as family or paying bills prevent you from quitting your job right now, you can still be an entrepreneur in the 21st century. Start a side hustle, start freelancing, open a Shopify store, there are dozens of options you can start today, who knows what it will grow into.

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