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Comfortable vs Uncomfortable

One way or another, life is going to be difficult.

That may sound bad, but it’s not. We get to choose what part is difficult.

You can make all the easy choices. Stay out all night drinking and partying. Living paycheck to paycheck. Running up your credit cards at nice restaurants.

Or you can make the difficult choices. Save to invest your money, work hard, focus on learning and being disciplined.

If you make the easy choices, you will have a hard life, but make the hard choices and you will have a rewarding life.

We get to choose what kind of life we want. Sure there are things that are out of our control, but much more is within our control than we tend to think. Sure there are going to be difficult times for all of us, but if we do the hard things we know we should do, life will be much more rewarding. Financial security is one of the foundations of a rewarding life. Follow us and learn how.

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