Peabody Energy Corp. Stock Quote (US: NYSE) - BTU

Peabody Energy Corp. Stock Quote (US: NYSE) - BTU

Peabody Energy is one of the leading coal miners in the world, and the world will continue to use coal for the foreseeable future.

Coal mining does not seem like it has a future, but let’s look at the facts around coal, and Peabody specifically.

Most of the world’s electricity comes from coal, and while it may not be sustainable, that is not going to change for some time.

Peabody is one of the most technologically advanced miners in the world. Coal mining may bring up images of dirty, gritty men working underground for 16 hours a day, but coal is not mined that way anymore. Yes coal miners get dirty and work long hours, but it is no longer an exceptionally dangerous career.

Peabody runs a very solid business and did lose a ton of market cap during the pandemic, this could be a solid holding in your portfolio as the world’s economy comes back over the next year or so.

Peabody’s website is full of environmental awareness. The industry of course has one of the worst reputations as far as global warming and climate change. Peabody is very cognizant of that and could someday shift away from strictly a coal producer. Also, I must give a hat tip to whoever came up with their ticker symbol, BTU.

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