How to scale your business or stock portfolio?

How to scale your business or stock portfolio?

Develop your talents, and then scale them for ultimate success.

Many of us were taught at a young age that the key to success is to “roll up your shirt sleeves” and get to work. And that’s not wrong, but it’s only the first step.

You will have a hard time getting ahead on hard work alone, especially in the 21st century. Technology has made everything so much easier and more efficient.

Instead of using technology to make your life easier, like most people do, harness technology to increase your productivity. This is how you will really get ahead.

Work hard, learn, create things, but don’t stop there. Scale everything, especially using technology and entrepreneurship to explode your earnings.

Learn skills that will make you money, and then scale them. Also invest in companies that are masters of scaling. Amazon started selling books, then scaled everything in all directions. You may not need to create the next Amazon, but don’t let opportunity pass you by because you don’t see the potential. You still gotta do the work though.

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