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Introduction To Trading Options: Setting You Up For Success eBook

I have created this digital ebook specifically for people who are beginners and want to learn more about trading options. In this ebook you will learn very basic concepts and important investing terminology. In addition, in this ebook you will read about what options are, how to buy options for Puts and Calls, how to trade options, and much more! It is suggested to read and understand the information in this eBook before you start trading options.

Topics That Will Be Covered:

-Basic Stock Market Terminologies 

-Funding of Options & Options Trading 

-Important Options Terminologies 

-Beginners Strategies & Risk Management 

-Platform Comparisons

-How to Buy a Call/Put Option

-Brokerage Account 

-Buying Call Option Rules

*eBook will be updated with new information when needed.




All of the information in this eBook comes from personal research and personal experiences. The information in this eBook is for educational purposes only and no investment advice or recommendations are made in this eBook. I also do not give any anyone or any business permission to sell this ebook or distribute it. Please refer to your financial advisor or financial consultant for investment advice, based your personal circumstances.


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