The Ultimate Options Course - Stock Region

The Ultimate Options Course

This is the Options mastery bundle (almost 3 hours of training)

Take your understanding of Options to the next level with this bundle

The course will teach you to master Options Basics & Advanced and also the Greeks For Stock Trading & Day Trading along with Technical Analysis.

Options are powerful tool they can make great profit because options can be used as an effective tool against a declining stock market to make profit as stocks fall and they can also be used to generate recurring income. When used correctly, they offer advantages and leverage that trading stocks cannot alone.

This course will not only give you the skills to trade options on a higher level but also will give you a deep insight into options technically.

What you will master:

  • Using "The Greeks" To Understand Options

  • Tricks to understand your odds of success in Options Trading

  • Adjusting technical indicators to choose the best options

  • How to choose exactly which option contracts to trade and how

  • Advanced Strategies such as the Straddle and Butterflies

  • Using Technical Analysis to Buy and Sell (Entry & Exit)


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