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Why lottery winners go broke

If you want to be wealthy, and STAY wealthy, you have to develop a good mindset around money.

Think about the things you want to do in life and also WHY you want to do them. What’s more important? Being internally happy? Impressing others? Helping others?

Often people get in financial trouble because they are not clear on what they want. They think impressing others is the key to happiness, then they wind up bankrupting themselves trying to do it.

Let’s say you buy an expensive BMW, with a loan, and impress everyone you know by driving it around town and showing it off. How long will that good feeling last? Not as long as the loan, we all know that.

Now let’s say you work hard, dedicate yourself to learning something a new skill, and build a really solid business. How long will that good feeling last? Quite a while probably.

Developing a money mindset is unique to everyone. But in general it means getting clear on your non-financial goals, and then earning and using money to achieve those goals. Focus on helping others and being happy for your own sake, not impressing others. I think you will find your attitude about money to be drastically changed for the better if you do that.

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