Twitter: The Ultimate Crypto Play?

(TWTR) Is Twitter A Good Stock To Buy 2021

Is Twitter (TWTR) the ultimate Crypto play?

You may think of Twitter as the black sheep of the mainstream social media platforms. It’s a vile cesspool of scammers, poseurs, and political extremists all touting the hottest of hot takes and the angriest of angry screeds. But what about the business and stock?

Twitter has had issues with how to monetize their business model over the years, but it appears that is mostly behind them, and the fundamentals going forward a quite solid.

Twitter has some new revenue generating products in works such as Twitter Takeover, and another called Twitter Amplify, which should incentivize users to start creating much higher quality content similar to TikTok and Instagram.

Lastly, many people, including tech stock guru Cathie Wood, see Twitter as a crypto play. Founder Jack Dorsey is a huge, and very thoughtful, crypto advocate. Yes he is no longer CEO, but still a major shareholder and his DNA is interwoven into the company.

Is Twitter A Good Stock To Buy 2021? How can you tell a stock is a BUY other than by looking at financial statements? Twitter is positioning itself as the decentralized social media platform. They want to be the biggest marketplace for crypto and NFT transactions. Just as the Metaverse appears to belong to Facebook, Twitter is likely to develop into the platform for blockchain, which would make it spectacularly valuable.

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