Meta Platforms, Inc. (FB) Stock

Meta Platforms, Inc. (FB) Stock

Can this large cap tech continue to grow? Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook, is one of the most intriguing stocks out there.

Facebook has been hit lately by Apple privacy changes and competition from TikTok.

The fundamentals of this company are superb. Low debt, high margins and very steady cash flow.

The worry has been that Facebook is losing users, and yes that is true, Instagram is growing, but more importantly, Instagram is becoming an ecommerce hub, not all that different from the likes of Shopify.

Meta’s advertising platform is as good as anyone’s. Most small and large businesses run ads on FB and even with the Apple privacy changes, it is still an effective targeting tool.

With their recent name change to Meta Platforms, this company is uniquely positioned to be the top company that ushers in the next generation of the Internet. FB may be volatile at times, but the growth potential is huge as the metaverse comes online during the next five years.

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