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Investing requires good habits too

To be successful, you will need to change your mindset around a number of things in your life.

It’s hard to believe, but you will have a hard time being being successful in one area of your life if you neglect other areas.

If you don’t think you can socialize without drinking, just try a little experiment, see what happens justy one time. You may be surprised.

Don’t worry about keeping score in relationships, just try to help other people without worrying about getting something in return.

Don’t worry about money either. Just do the best you can, provide value to others, and the money will come.

So often we get caught up in unimportant things. One of the biggest traits that successful people have is they are very clear on what is important to them. Is drinking and having a perfectly curated Instagram feed really all that important? If you really focus on what you want, it’s probably not. If you're not getting the results you want, see what you can change and see what effect it has on other areas of your life.

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