Available units: 100
  • Handmade
  • Materials: canvas, cotton 
    A line—or stock chart—can encapsulate a historic moment. Remember and display that profitable trade or historic event.   

    This cotton canvas print piece is perfect for office and home décor. In addition, it can be a great gift for a friend, coworker, family member, and others. Bring that personal moment into your office or home.

    These pieces are created uniquely by The Chartist and with high quality graphics and materials. Most pieces have a signature at the bottom corner as that person or company is truly the one who created the chart.

    The Chartist stands by each item produced. If you received an item that you are unhappy with, the Chartist will always try to make it right. The Chartist values each and every customer.

    ~Ready to hang
    ~100% Cotton fabric
    ~Built with a patented solid support face, no sagging!
    ~Professional high-quality

    *****Additional detail and DPI graphics
    ~Closed Back
    ~For indoor use
    ~1.25 inches thick
    ~Items are measured in Width by Height: for example, 12"x16" is a portrait mode

    *****About the Piece*****
    What would Mondrian be making nowadays?
    Probably something like this. The stock charts of:
    filled in with the famous blue, red, and yellow.