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  • Handmade

  • Stay Motivated Everyday
    There is no doubt the environment we live in plays a big role on our mood. Ultimately, the mood we are in can greatly impact our level of productivity and sense of well-being. This is why we got the idea of creating motivational canvas, to influence people's lives with art. We have for goal to make everyone feel motivated and inspired in the morning so that it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

    - W H A T - C O M E S - W I T H - M Y - O R D E R? -
    You will receive a canvas in a wooden frame with wrap around corners of the design.

    - S I Z E -
    We currently offer 4 different sizes of canvas. You can see the different perspective on one of our pictures.

    2 x [40 x 60 inches (101 x 152 cm)]

    - 0. 7 5 " - V S - 1. 5 " - T H I C K N E S S -
    If you want a slimmer look and more affordable canvas you should chose the 0.75-inch depth, but if you want a gallery look canvas which looks better on large canvas, you should opt in for the 1.5 inches. You can also compare the perspective of the thickness on one of our pictures.

    - W H Y - U S? -
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    ✔ Designed to last over 100 years

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