You may have never heard of the company, but their products are in everything.


Monolithic Power Systems is a semiconductor company that may be flying under the radar.


Monolithic Power is a semiconductor company that designs electric power solutions for dozens of industries. You may have never heard of the company, but their products are in everything from cars, computers, medical devices and industrial products.

They reported another stellar quarter in February along with a quarterly dividend increase. This company has a very clean balance sheet and a management team with a well-deserved reputation for consistent growth.

This is a great example of a company that was perfectly poised to profit from the pandemic, and they met every challenge along the way. As the world shifted to online meetings, it led to a historic increase in cloud server and storage demand, along with items such as video game consoles and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. All of these need a Monolithic Power chip.

This is a highly innovative company that will has years of growth potential opportunity ahead of it.

Monolithic Power is the kind of tech company will continue to appreciate, their products are in almost every computer and electronic device on the market and are the industry leaders in their field. This is one of those “bulletproof” tech stocks that will thrive in any type of economic climate.