Top Entrepreneurs of 2022

Who are The Top Entrepreneurs of 2022?


History is shaped by a small number of individuals who make exceptional contributions to the world. All of us lead different lives today than we would if not for the minimalist brilliance of Steve Jobs, the ruthlessness of Carnegie and Bezos, the efficiency of Henry Ford and the knack for being at the right place at the right time as Gates and Zuck.

We came up with our list of the top 6 entrepreneurs of 2022, and after we tallied up the scores, ended up with a five-way tie for second place. Check it for yourself and let us know what we got right and what we got wrong.

Tied for second place is Elon Musk. You may not think he has changed your life yet, unless you own a Tesla or are one of the half dozen or so people that have been launched up in a SpaceX rocket, but your great grandchildren will think otherwise as they read about him from their home on Mars.

Also in second place is marketer and wine connoisseur Gary Vee. He’s not just another influencer-peddling hustle born on Insta and TIkTok, his marketing agency is a real company bringing in real money by providing a real service and massive value to their clients. He’s the real deal in a sea of snake oil salesmen.

Jack Dorsey is out as CEO Twitter and is focusing on payment processor Block. Jack’s career has been all about removing friction from whatever platform he is on. Twitter is about rapid-fire ideas instantly spreading around the globe in 140 characters or less, now he is doing the same thing with payments, and he’s not going to stop until Bitcoin is as ubiquitous as the US Dollar.

You may not think of Cathy Wood as an entrepreneur, but the suite of funds she has brought forth makes her one of the most powerful people on both Wall Street and Silicon Valley. Her open-source style research has undoubtedly changed the way people invest.

Rounding out second place is YouTuber Mr. Beast, or Jimmy Donaldson as his parents (probably) know him as. You may know him as the idiot who ate a seventy-thousand-dollar gold plated pizza, and you’d be right, but that’s not all he is. Not only is he one of the highest paid celebrities, but he has founded several successful businesses and has given a staggering amount to philanthropic causes by any standard, and he’s only 23 years old!

The top entrepreneur of 2022 is Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang. Just how smart is he? Well, he broke Moore’s Law. Turns out computer processing more than doubles every two years when Jensen is involved. More than anyone, he is going to usher in the age of Artificial Intelligence. AI is going to bring with it a lot of moral and ethical challenges as well as scientific advances, Jensen is acutely aware of this, and we could not be in better hands. His staggering genius and innate kindness are exactly what the 21st century needs.