Minimum Wage & Inflation

Basic wages have not kept up with cost of living, and it’s only going to get more extreme.

Minimum wage has been 7.25 for well over a decade. In the meantime, average rents have gone up 50%.

That’s OK because minimum wage jobs are not meant to be kept for your whole career!

Look at things like rising rents and cost of living as a whole as your proof that amazing things are out there and happening for other people.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be one of those people, opportunities are everywhere and there is an abundance for all.

Having an abundance mentality will get you farther in life than almost anything. You have enough of everything, right now. The opportunities are endless. If you are not making enough money right now, start developing skills and learning, you’ll be astounded at how quickly your life situation can change with consistent, daily growth and effort.