How to invest as a teen.

Starting your investment portfolio as a teen will put you light years ahead of your peers.

Learning how to invest is a necessity if you want to get ahead financially. The sooner you start learning, the better off you will be.

When you are young, concentrate first on developing the discipline to live below your means by always saving at least 10% of your income every month.

Learn about mutual funds, ETFs and individual stocks. Each one has a place in your portfolio. Pick up as many books as you can on investing and learn what other people have done to become successful.

Take advantage of the time you have. Both time to invest and time to learn. If you read ten books on investing before you are 20, which is not that hard, you will know more than 99% of everyone else. That is a huge advantage, and when you consider you have a couple decades of a head start on most people also, they will never be able to catch you.

When are you going to start investing? And where do you think the best place to learn is?