How To Increase Money By Investing

How Do People Increase Their Income From Home?

If you want to build wealth, you cannot be successful without increasing your income. You can and should try to cut expenses, cook at home instead of going out, clipping coupons and doing those sorts of things. But the truth is, you cannot save your way to wealth, at some point you have to have a decent sized chunk of money coming in on a regular basis.

You can try to move up the chain in your career, but that isn’t realistic for everyone depending on your job. Maybe you are a teacher or a firefighter, and you feel that is your calling, your income is capped compared to someone working in sales or a commission-based career.

Regardless of your circumstances, literally everyone, especially everyone with an Internet connection, can immediately increase their income from home. Thomas Edison famously said, “Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.” What he meant was that anyone can be a success if they commit to putting in the effort.

If you need to increase your income from home to build wealth, here are several ways that you can get started immediately. First, think about what you are good at and what you like to do. Everyone has marketable skills and talents that people will pay good money for. So write things you are good at and enjoy.

There are at least a dozen apps where you can sell your services as a freelancer and you can be up and running in a day. Photography, graphic design, digital marketing, coding and consulting are all in high demand, as well as writing dating profiles and giving online cooking lessons. There’s something anyone can make money at immediately.

You can sell something online. Several ecommerce platforms exist that will allow you to build an online store in a day or two. Payments, shipping and inventory management are all integrated. You can be building a growing business in an hour and half of work each night.

Maybe you are interested in crypto, if that’s the case you can start mining. Making serious money may require a considerable investment but start small. Better than starting small, start extremely small. Build a crypto miner on Raspberry Pi, you’ll be up and running right away. That itself won’t make you much money, but what if you documented how, you did it and put that up on YouTube? Then put up a Shopify store to sell a PDF plan on how you did it. Then put your profits back into buying more mining equipment. Now you are on your way.

Another idea is to rent out your car on the Turo app. Maybe you can even get a small fleet of cars eventually, or a large fleet. Anyone can make money doing one of those things and you don’t have to wait until the time is right. You can do it right now.

Once you have a stream of income coming in, don’t stop there. Find a way to passively grow that stream. There are dozens of real estate investing apps, for example. You can invest in major real estate projects on an app like Fundrise and grow your income even more.

How to increase money by investing? Like Thomas Edison said, putting in the work is more important than coming up with the perfect idea. Just like you, Elon Musk has a regular 9 to 5 job and it involves weaning humanity off of fossil fuels. He also has several side hustles, one of which is colonizing Mars and another is implanting chips in the brains of people with spinal cord injuries so they can walk again. He manages to find the time to do all that, and you can, too. You just need a little bit of inspiration, which you just got from this blog post.


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