CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (CRWD) Stock

CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc is one the leading cloud based and SaaS security and IT companies.

This is one of the few high growing stocks that has weathered the recent bear market fairly well.

Several high profile analysts recently have upgraded the stock based on demand and CrowdStrike’s control of significant market share.

It trades at a very high earnings multiple, and does not have the cleanest looking balance sheet out there. This is a great example of a stock where you need to analyze the industry as whole or you could easily miss out on it.

CrowdStrike is a good stock because of the quality of their product, the high demand and the high margins in that industry. Companies cannot skimp on cybersecurity, so the firms that prove they do a great job can charge very high prices.

CrowdStrike does a superb job of retaining customers by providing a top notch service, and is expanding their business by constantly adding new products to their pipeline. You cannot get this information by simply looking at the financial statements. If you are investing, listening to the quarterly conference calls will give you a leg up on how many stocks will trade and CRWD is a perfect example. Those who were in the know were rewarded handsomely, but there is still time to get in on this one.