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The Crypto Master Course: Crypto, Buying XRP, NFTs, Crypto Loans & Metaverse Course

5 Recorded Courses, 3+ hours of content

One day soon, we’ll be hanging NFTs on the walls of our digital homes and buying Balenciaga tops for our digital selves. I have put together a course with everything you need to know about the internet’s next big thing.

  • Learn how to buy XRP safely, even in NYC
  • Learn how to take out a crypto backed loan and the best place to do it.
  • Learn how to mine Helium, one of the newest & most profitable cryptos
  • Learn about the technology behind NFTs: Blockchain
  • The history of NFTs & Investing in NFTs
  • Help you not fall for NFT scams
  • NFT best use cases
  • How to create/mint an NFT
  • NFT security & Safety
  • Learn about smart contracts
  • Learn about The NFT token standard: ERC-721
  • Learn about Ethereum
  • NFT Marketplaces &
  • Crypto wallets
  • Mint generative Art NFTs
  • Blockchain wallets and Metamask


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